Why build a bungalow

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Living in your house you can call your very own is perhaps one of the most rewarding achievement you can have after all those years of working and saving for a house that you have been dreaming of. Indeed, it is very fulfilling to eventually live in your own house. So, for those who are planning to buy or build their house, go for it. It is worth all the hard work and effort.

In case you have not decided yet what kind of house to buy or build, consider the available budget you have and your requirements for a house.  Are you single and just looking for a place to stay for some independence and privacy? Do you have a family you are going to live with  in your home?  All of these questions are important in finally deciding what type of house to buy.

If you are considering to buy or build a bungalow, this article might help you as we are going to present to you the benefits of living in a bungalow.

The term bungalow originally came from India, specifically from the Gujarati word “bańgalo”, meaning “Bengali” and describing a “house in the Bengal style.  Bungalow houses were first constructed in Bengal, India.  Those houses are traditionally small single-storey houses with very large veranda.  They were originally built for British ambassadors visiting India and since they only stayed for a short period of time, they only sought dwellings that were easily constructed and therefore these single-storey houses were especially made for them.

After becoming popular in England, this concept was brought to America where different styles of bungalows were constructed. Whatever their style are, all bungalows have all the rooms built in the first floor like the living area, bedrooms, kitchen, dining, bathroom, and veranda.  Because of the absence of an upper floor, bungalows are preferred by elderly and those families with toddlers.

Here are some of the benefits of building a bungalow:

1. Open Design

The layout of a bungalow provides an open and flexible space.  This means that remodeling or introducing some extensions and modifications is very possible.  It is because its layout permits it.  It does not involve any structural make up that prevents it from remodeling like a pillar or a beam.

Since it is an open lay-out, its lighting and ventilation are easily managed.  The open layout facilitates more air to circulate inside.

2. Accessibility

Since all the rooms are built in one level, their accessibility is not a problem.  This makes it an ideal home for the elderly as they don’t need to go upstairs to go to their rooms or get anything they need that might be kept upstairs. When it comes to safety, this is also very ideal for toddlers.  The absence of stairs removes the risks of them falling off.  If there is anyone in the family who is using a wheelchair, it would be very easy to make a ramp leading up to the bathroom, kitchen, or to the main door to move the wheelchair.  The open layout reduces the risk of bumping into things or difficult mobility for elderly and disabled family members.

3. Privacy

For single individuals who are seeking privacy, a bungalow is great for them.  If you are a single occupant just looking for some independence and freedom and would like to live separately from your family, building a small one-storey house with one bedroom is good enough.  You can have privacy especially if you build your house in a spacious lot where you can be free from the noisy environment in the city or in a compound.

4. Flexibility

The open layout of a bungalow allows for flexibility.  If you are planning to expand vertically soon, just make sure that your foundation is ready.  You can build your second floor as soon as you are ready.  If you have a bigger lot, you can always expand sideways.  You can add more bedrooms or extend your kitchen or build a garage.  You can do many things as long as you know that the foundation of your house supports these expansions. If not, you can always consult an expert to remedy the process.

5.  Affordable maintenance

A bungalow house is perhaps the easiest and most affordable to maintain.  This is because of its open layout and concept.  Because you are only dealing with one level, cooling it in the summer and heating it in the winter is a lot easier than doing it with a double-storey house.

Cleaning it is also easier and more convenient.  You don’t need to carry your cleaning tools upstairs as you are only maintaining just one level.

6.  Great for elderly

If you are living with your parents or grandparents, the bungalow is the best house for them.  They don’t need to go to the second floor to access their room or to go to the balcony for relaxing.  Therefore you can just leave them at home without worrying that they will have an accident of falling from the stairs. Even when they are in a wheelchair, they can just navigate moving around without hassles.

7. Child-Friendly Environment

The bungalow offers an open space for playful kids to move around without the worry of climbing stairs to the second floor. They can experiment and explore around the house and they can have fun running around without stumbling down the stairs.  Bungalow is a safe place for children.

These are just some of the benefits that you get if you are going to build and live in a bungalow.  There are many styles and designs that you can choose from.  You can conceptualize your own or you can ask an engineer or an architect to help you with the design that you want.

So, I hope I have shared with you some ideas if you choose to  build a bungalow.  If you want to see more house designs you can check our other websites listed below.  Just click on the hyperlinks and you will be redirected to them.  You may message us if you need further assistance.  Looking forward to hear from you very soon! If you like this article, please share it with your friends. Come back soon to check our other articles.  Thank you so much!

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