Transforming your home into Instagrammable location

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Nowadays, flexing your bags, shoes, new dress, make up, and gadgets is the trend! By flexing we mean here ‘showing off’ what you have to gain popularity. So, this is the fad now.  Some businessmen have even thought of building parks, restaurants, resorts, pools, and cafes that are intended for tourist attraction.. They have seen the trend that people would love to go there and have selfies so that they can have something to post on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website blogs.
However, going to those places are of course very costly, especially if you need to book a flight to be able to go there. Some people even buy new shoes, dresses, and bags to use on their flexing journeys! Well, I believe we don’t need to spend that much for our relaxation.  What matters most is that we can breathe and stay away from that toxic work or project we have been working on for few months and suck in positive vibes to boost our energy levels to be able to work again.  There is a time for everything and we don’t let that work deprive us from enjoying life. So, today, my idea is to transform our own backyard, bedroom, living room, or kitchen  into something Instagrammable locations for our selfies! Great idea, isn’t it?
So let’s start transforming our home into a selfie-worthy venue.  Are you with me? Let’s start with your backyard, or front yard, whatever you may want to call it.

1. Build an arbor or a pergola

First let us define and differentiate the two terms according to their residential use. The Spruce gives us these definitions:  An arbor is a vertical structure in a landscape or garden that can provide shelter, privacy, shade, and serve as an accent. It is usually built as a walkway from the gate to the front of a house or leading to a gazebo, an altar, a pool, or any location in your property. It can blend in with the landscape or separate different garden areas. Its walls and roof consist of open framework to support colorful and fragrant vines. A pergola can be connected to a house on at least one side, consists of a series of independent columns supporting beams that form an open roof, or be a freestanding structure.

So, to transform your front yard, you can build an arbor and plant vines beside its vertical framework where those vines can climb.  You can see a sample below.

Rose arbor after rain with fallen petals. So romantic!

2. Add a walkway

Another great idea is that you can make a walkway from your gate to your house.  This is really a cool idea especially if you have a long space going to your house from your gate.  You can do this by covering the pathway with paving materials such as crazy-cut stones like the one in the picture below. You can also use special or decorated stones or pebbles and spread them on the pathway.  Another great idea is to cement the pathway and enclose it with railings or balusters.

Photo: courtesy of Jane Horn

3. Put plants in the living room.

Transform your living room into a beautiful sight! If your living room has a window it is a great idea to put plants before the window or place them strategically in the corners of your living room. You can also put one on top of the center table and keep the place tidy by putting mats or carpet and add a matching light like the one in the photo below. Just a warning, don’t overdo it! Too many plants in the living room would make it look more of a garden not a living room. Your visitors may even call it a forest if you put more than what is beautiful to look at.

Photo courtesy of HGTV.

4. Give the dining and kitchen a makeover.

If you have a spacious yard that can accommodate a dining set, transform that into a dining alfresco! In a shady area in your backyard, set up your dining by putting a table and chairs or a bench.  To make it a little classy, cover your table, put a vase with a flower in the center and lay down your sumptuous meal! Take your seat and click! Voila! You have an Instagrammable dining photo!

Photo: courtesy of Trip Advisor.

5. Make your porch or veranda a haven.

The porch or veranda is the structure with a roof that is connected to the front of your house and it can be extended to one side or on both side.s  It may be open or it can be installed with balustrade or railings.  Sometimes your veranda looks just plain.  You just see seats or benches that may be used for sitting when you feel like to.  It looks boring if it is not kept or maintained.  Why don’t you give it a makeover, as well, and transform it into a beautiful place for your selfie moments!

Clean it. Paint its walls or clad it with stones, bricks, or tiles to give it a makeover. Put plants on strategic locations like on the corners. Put a wooden  sala set with a center table and you can put a flower vase to add beauty to the set. After doing that, you can stay there for your chatting sessions while you take selfie and post them right away on your Facebook, Instagram or blog sites!

Photo courtesy of 123rf.

I hope I have given you bright ideas on how to transform your home into a beautiful place for your bonding with family and friends and selfie moments.  If you want to see more house designs you can check our other websites listed below.  Just click on the hyperlinks and you will be redirected to them.  You may message us if you need further assistance.  Looking forward to hear from you very soon! If you like this article, please share it with your friends. Come back soon to check our other articles.  Thank you so much!

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Credits: Fine Gardening

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