Transforming your bathroom into a spa

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One of my most favorite parts in my house is the bathroom. There are four bathrooms in my house. Two master bedrooms have their own bathrooms and there are also two common bathrooms. I love the bathroom because it is where I freshen up and relax after a tiring work or whenever I feel like freshening up.

You can actually transform your bathroom into something that reflects your personality.  If you love plants, you can put plants in your bathroom.  If you love paintings, you can put paintings, as well.  You can also paint it with several colors depending on your taste and design.  You may want to paint your ceiling or paint your flooring, as well.  There can be different ways to enhance your bathroom.

Check these awesome ways from House Beautiful on how to enhance your bathroom and give it a taste and look and feel of a relaxing spa.

1. Stick to One Color

You can reflect your favorite color in your bathroom.  If you would like pink but can’t paint your exterior or your living room with paint, then do it in your bathroom. But when you design your bathroom and decide on what color, you have to stick with one color like in the bathroom we have below.

2. Take It Outside

The idea of having a shower outside your home is a great concept to try, don’t you think? Indeed, outdoor showers can dramatically increase the value of your home.  If you have an outdoor shower, it highlights the idea that your home has a characteristic of a resort and this makes it interesting to prospective homebuyers. Homes with outdoor showers tend to list for nearly double the asking price of other homes!

3. Give life to your bathroom

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Animate your bathroom by adding plants in the corner or in the sink before the mirror. Plants give positive energy to any place. It boosts good health and absorbs negative toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide. You can hang plants in strategic locations, as well.  Choose the plants that can survive indoor, those that don’t need so much water to survive.

4. Use Open Shelves for Extra Storage.

You can store your other stuffs such as towels, towelletes, toiletries, and some of your personal belongings in the bathroom cabinet or in open shelves.  If the shelves are open, you can only display extra decors but for covered cabinets, you may put your other stuffs there.

5. Stuff your bathroom with things that boost your energy level

What materials do you put in your bathroom that make it flashy and boost your energy level? There are stuffs that really enhance the appearance of the bathroom. You may want to consider putting pots of different sizes as an accent to a corner.  A mirror is always great to have in a bathroom, modern lighting, and some paintings, too, if that makes you happy.

6. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Cubbies

Check those floor-to-ceiling cubbies! Aren’t they cool? Of course, they are! They provide enough room for storage in a bathroom. Put things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other bulk items behind closed doors, then show off your décor and towels on the open shelves. You may put towels, shampoos, conditioners, your collection of perfumes, and other personal stuffs there.

7. Bring the Outdoors In

If you don’t have enough space in your yard to install an outdoor shower, you can transform your own bathroom into an outdoor-looking one! It will make you feel that you are outside.  Bring in some plans and put them in strategic locations like in the corners and on top of the cabinets.

8. Enhance Privacy

You can enhance privacy in the bathroom by installing or building a partition.  Enclose the shower area with enclosure or partition.  This will also allow two persons using the bathroom especially if there is a limited number of bathrooms in a house.  One may be taking shower while the other member of the family may be brushing her teeth in the sink or drying their hair.

11. Lean Your Artwork

If you have beautiful paintings that you want to display but your living room does not have enough space fr them, you may put them in your bathroom but instead of hanging them or  drilling them into the wall, lean them on top of  the counter to add a touch of elegance. They make effortlessly cool sight in the bathroom.

12. Paint the Ceiling

Another great concept to introduce in the bathroom is painting its ceiling. Paint it with another color from the wall paint and the color of its accents or stuffs.  For example, if your walls are painted with white or any lighter color, paint the ceiling with a bolder one like sky blue, crimson, or teal.

13. Use a Cheerful Color

The bathroom here used bright yellow to paints its walls, which is a good contrast to the white double sinks on the floor.  It is a great idea to introduce bright colors in the bathroom because they boost positive energy and they give you a feeling of freshness and relaxing.

14. Paint the Floors

there is a new idea about enhancing the floors.  Paint them instead of laying new tiles—which can be super expensive and time-consuming. You can be very artistic in painting your floors.  You can design it with bricks-like tiles or paint it with flowers or stones or something that resembles sea bed or any amazing idea that you think of.

15. Add A Plant

Plant is an amazing idea to put in a bathroom.  In this bathroom here, a plant in the corner gave it an enhance looked.  It serves as a contrast in the white tub and white wall.

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