The journey of building my home

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Choosing what kind of house to build is quite challenging especially if you have many things in mind to consider.  There are many factors that influence your decision-making like the budget, location, size, style, and type of house.  The very first thing to consider of course is the availability of budget to build the house of your dreams.  How much cash do you have in your bank account? What type of house are you going to build? Is it a one-storey house or a double-storey? What style? And then what size? Where will you build it? Do you already have a lot or are you still going to find one and purchase it?

So? Is it not really that easy, right? Unless you are a multi-millionaire, you can’t build your house instantly.  It is a major decision in life that entails a lot of saving, prioritizing, and being thrifty. It took me eight long years to finally start building my house.  I saved for 8 years but because of too many expenses that just popped up from somewhere, saving was not really that easy.  I needed to borrow money from the bank to augment my available finances just to proceed with the construction of my house.

I bought my lot in 2010.  It’s around 1,020 square meters.  I had it filled with land to a height of one meter or higher to make it flood proof.  The lot used to be a farm land and it was lower than the road, so, basically during rainy season, all rainwater will be going to the lot and accumulate there flooding the whole area. So, landfill was just the wisest decision.  It cost me 600,000 pesos or $12,000 to cover the whole area to a height of  1 meter.

The next thing I did was fencing. Because the lot was kind of big, fencing cost around 500,000 pesos or $10,000 that year when I built it. It was 2015. Prices now are much higher than four years ago, so you will add 25% to what I spent four years ago, if you will fence the same lot size now.

In 2016, I started building it.  It is a 10 x 15 meters two-storey with two master bedrooms and three bedrooms, four bathrooms, two big living rooms, one kitchen with dining, a veranda, a balcony, a garage and spacious front and back yards.

Building it was never easy.  I mean to bring this house into what it is today, though it is only 80% finished, cost a lot of money, which I could not afford to produce instantly.  So, what I did (and still am doing) was to start building it and brought it to whatever state I could afford and continue the next phases every time I can. I am very happy though that I get to live in my house as I finish it to what I dreamed it to be.

So, my advice to those who are planning to build their house is to do things one at a time.  If your goal is to build your house, focus on it.  Do not engage in other expenses like car mortgage, traveling, buying a condo, and other ventures that require a big amount of money.  If you do these things together, it is very likely that you won’t finish any of them.  It will even bring you to insolvency – that state when you can no longer pay your debts.  It is very alarming. This happens if we do not know how to manage our expenses.

If you are paying for your car now, don’t start building your house yet.  Finish it before you can start another big project. But then again, this advice is for people like me who is not a millionaire and who is only depending on my income and savings.  If you are a millionaire or if you think you have enough budget to engage in two or more big ventures, you are very lucky, then do them!

My advice is for those who are struggling to save money to build their dream house.  Of course you can build it but it takes time.  Like I said, I stared building mine in 2016 and I am not done yet.  Though the structure is completely finished, beautifying and stuffing it with fixtures and furnishings that I want is still ongoing.

I have a lot of beautiful ideas I want to express in designing the interior of my house but it is not easy to make them because it means money, of course.  So I am just doing it little by little.  I know that very soon I will finish it. I enjoy the process. For me it is a journey and I enjoy the fact that I am the one doing all these things for my house.  One good things is that we are living in it and we are improving it little by little.

Build only the house that you can afford.  Start with a small one but make it ready for extensions or expansions. If you want to build a double-storey, make the foundation ready.  You can actually build a bungalow out of it while you make its roof your roof deck while you are saving to build the second floor.  Do it by phases.  If you know that you have a pending project that needs to be accomplished, it will even make you more thrifty and prioritize your needs.  It will make you save rather than spend extravagantly over unnecessary stuffs.

So, I hope I have shared with you some ideas on how to build your dream home.  If you want to see more house designs you can check our other websites listed below.  Just click on the hyperlinks and you will be redirected to them.  You may message us if you need further assistance.  Looking forward to hear from you very soon! If you like this article, please share it with your friends. Come back soon to check our other articles.  Thank you so much!

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