Roof decks are commonly found in the city where the lack of space encourages homeowners and builders to expand vertically.  However, their unprecedented views make rooftop decks an enviable feature in any home. Even if you have a well-designed veranda or balcony, you may be inspired to build a roof deck because of the benefits it can give like full view of the ambiance and nature and the beauty it can give to the appearance of your home.

rooftop deck designs

Freshome features the different types of rooftop decks and you may view them below.

Types of rooftop decks

Why did you build a rooftop deck in your home?  How you intend to use it. There are three main purposes to choose from. They are:

  • Lounge area: Homeowners would want to spend some time relaxing on their rooftop deck, which is commonly why roof decks were built. If this is the type of design you’re after, be sure to include plenty of comfy seating options, a shade to protect you under the sun and rain during sunny and rainy days, throw pillows and blankets, and a table for your gadgets and accessories.  Put some plants, as well, to keep the place cool and maintain positive energy.
  • Rooftop garden: If your after a rooftop garden, be sure to make your rooftop strong to support the weight of the soil and plants that you are going to put in your garden.  You may want to have a landscape on your rooftop, as well! Having a rooftop garden provides aesthetics and at the same time it keeps your home cool and relaxing and protect you from extreme heat. You may want to build a small pool like a jacuzi on your rooftop, too! This will add beauty and attraction of your home.
  • Dining space: If you’re craving an outdoor dining space, your rooftop deck would be mainly used as a space for family and friends to gather for meals. Here, all you really need is a dining table, but you could consider adding a wet bar or kitchen to the mix.

Rooftop deck design ideas


This rooftop includes a bed for reading and lounging.


The rooftop is used as a lounge area and dining area as well.


This is an example f a rooftop garden.

Imagine yourself sitting in this very relaxing ambiance with your laptop or tablet and your coffee beside you. The presence of plants around boosts positive energy and you are assured that hose plants are sucking in all the negative elements around you. I bet this is everyone’s dream!


This is another design of a rooftop garden. Adding a table instantly finishes the seating area, signifying that it’s a place to gather.

Whatever design of rooftop deck you choose for your home, the most important thing to keep in mind is to build your rooftop deck with strong support so that it can withstand the calamities that may occur especially in places where there are frequent occurrences of earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, and landslides.

You can do many things in your rooftop deck. You may also want to transform it into bar to or a music area.  If it is big enough, you may also want to accommodate your guests for a small gathering like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, Christmas gatherings, or you may also rent it out to use as a small conference venue.

Rood decks are the envy of your neighbors and the passersby.  They are always a trendy place for relaxation and fun. However, building them is not as easy as opening a window and you want to have a roof deck beside it and, voila, you can now jump into your roof deck. You need to spend a lot of money in order to build a durable, strong, and functional one.

Adding a roof deck to your home is like adding an outdoor living room.  If the foundation of your house was not built to support a roof deck, you need a professional to design it for you as they know how to remedy the situation.

After reading this article, do you think you would want a roof deck o be built in your home? Were you inspired to make one for your home? What kind of design would you like your rooftop deck to be? Please share us your answers by commenting below. Your comments are important to us.  You are the reason why we are always inspired to write articles that we know you may need to design your homes or offices. If you see other designs and would like to share with us, you may contact us for possible inclusion of your articles in our website.

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