Creating Good Feng Shui in your Home

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The concept of feng shui is famous to everyone.  You may not know exactly what feng shui means and how does it work but at least you have heard of it and its benefits to a person’s well-being and the fortune a good home feng shui brings. The Spruce writes that “Feng shui is an ancient art and science that was formalized over 3,000 years ago in China. In literal translation feng means “wind” and shui means “water.” In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune. Conversely, bad feng shui means bad luck or misfortune.”

When applied to our personal undertakings in life, it practically means the art of placement —understanding how the placement of yourself and objects within a space affects your life in various areas of experience. It is simply saying that if you balance and harmonize the energies around you in any given space—be it a home, office, or garden. The main purpose of feng shui is to assure that good luck is going to happen to the people staying in that space. 

Feng shui has an impact on the aesthetics of interior design and the architectural layout of living and working spaces.  This is where the concept of home feng shui came from.  The location of your main door to the location of your stairs, color of your kitchen floor and cabinets and its distance to the bathroom and related concepts have an impact to the fortune of the people living in the house.

So, how do we create a good feng shui in our home? Read the following suggestions by The Spruce.

Brighten Up Your Entry

In feng shui, the main door represents the main entry of fortune.  The front door is regarded as the “mouth of qi.” Naturally, the entry is first to locate when you want to create good feng shui in your home.

Since the front door is the entry of positive energy and all good luck, it is then very important to ensure that it is located in the right direction as suggested by feng shui expert.  The positive energy can enter the home easily if it does not have anything that blocks its entry. 

You need to declutter your frontage.  It means that you need to remove any objects that accumulate at the front door like garbage, shoes, slippers, pile of plastic or just anything that blocks the entry of fortune. If you can’t avoid putting stuffs there, make sure that they are arranged and not just being scattered.

The front door must always be bright at night so ensure that it is well lit.

Clean Your Windows

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Windows, just like doors, are also the way of positive energy to go inside the home.  In ancient belief, they are also said to be the eyes of adults and also symbolize the voice of children.  Windows should be clean and tidy all the time. Sunlight enters the house from the windows and they must always be open.

When you wake up in the morning, you are greeted by the sunshine through your window and upon receiving the energy from the sun, you get more energetic and ready for the work throughout the day.

You can put some indoor plants on your windows, as well. They keep the house free from some toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon dioxide.

Give Your Doors Some Attention

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Doors are the entry of opportunities and good luck to come into your life.  Therefore, pay attention to them. Keep its paint new. Clear any clutter that lay behind it. Put an indoor plant on one of its side.  Keep your door open for few minutes to an hour to allow negative energies to go out and let positive vibes go in.

Make sure that the hardware of your door are also working properly.  A working door allows fortune and energy to go smoothly inside the home.

You can paint your door any color that matches your preference as long as it complements the other color in your interior.  Its location must be related to your bagua, as well.

Commanding Position

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The commanding position in feng shui dictates how you can position yourself in relation to important things inside your home or office.  Position yourself against the location of your front door, bed, desk, kitchen, stove, and bathroom.

In feng shui, the bed represents you. The desk represents your career. And the stove represents your wealth. When you are in these locations, be sure that you can see the door even when you are not directly in front of it. For example, when you are cooking, sitting at your desk and laying at your bed, you must see the door clearly without standing and going to it.

Remove Obstacles in Your Path

Remove obstacles in your path‘ may be taken literally as removing all the physical obstacles that stand on your way going to any place in your home and in going to your home, as well.  This could mean a chair that blocks your way going to the kitchen, an electric fan that you need to avoid bumping into when you go to your closet, or a laundry basket filled with dirty clothes that you need to avoid when you are heading to your bathroom.

It could also mean the clutter in your bed, the unfolded clothes that you have just thrown inside your closet because you are lazy to fix them, or your personal belongings that are scattered inside your bag.  All these stuffs have a relationship to how you can manage your daily life.  How do these things affect you? Well, if for example you are looking for a dress to wear and you can’t find it because your closet is topsy-turvy, it is enough to ruin your day.  As simple as that.  It can cause your going to your work late and could make you feel negative.  So, it is very important to be neat and keep everything in place and working.

Plants Bring Life Energy

In feng shui, plants give positive energy. They connect us to nature and bring life into our homes. Green plants are like fresh pressed organic green juice for our homes. They give invigorate the home, boost health, and vitality.

Put some plants inside your home.  There are plants that can tolerate being indoor and only require a little water.  You can keep these plants inside your home to bring you positive vibes and absorb all the negative energies as well as toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide.  For plants that are good indoors, you can read this article.

Offer Gratitude

Have you heard of old folks advising you to say ‘thank you’ to your home? Yes! We need to offer our gratitude to our home.  It provides us shelter and comfort, it is where we build our family and have bonding with each member and our guests, as well. It is where we eat, sleep, nourish ourselves, and a place where we go to after our work or anything that we do outside.  It is believed that the home is also a living entity with the same ‘qi’ or life energy that flows through us.  So, it is just right that we offer our gratitude to it.

So, how do say ‘thank you’ to our home? When everything is quite, you can talk to your house and thank it fr all the blessings that you and your family are receiving and for the shelter it gives you.  You can talk to it just after you pray to God.

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