Condo, a place for independence and freedom

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It is safe to assume that many people today live in a condo generation. To some, a condo is a representation of the better things they want in life: comfort, luxury and convenience and peace of mind. It is no surprising then that it’s becoming a trend now among young professionals.

Choosing to live life alone can possibly mean living the adult dream and living the adult life.. People who have been living alone know all too well that it’s not always about the ‘You-can-do–whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want’ kind of life. But it’s also about keeping in mind that liberty is also responsibility.

Dubai, UAE

Life in a box.

Who wouldn’t want a convenience packed in a 50-square meter room? Or, a luxury pinned in a unit with swimming pool, sports gym, commons and others as backdrops?

Living in a condo means getting into the security blankets. Since condo unit owners live in a community thriving in the metro, the perks of security is right in front of your doorsteps. Condos have secured entry and exit points, 24/7 security guards on duty, and security cameras everywhere. Management is strict with who comes up your door. There are also security cameras to guarantee safety of condo dwellers. No need to spend for all those extravagant and classy security systems because the condo will take care of that.

The writer enjoying her freedom and independence in her condo unit.

Living there also means living the best of life because you’re living every yuppies’ dream. You can dive in the pool anytime you like and you can even invite guests for a pool party. Imagine the money you will save from booking hotels and resorts. Pavilions and clubhouses can also be rented by condo residents for special functions. Lavish amenities like a lounge, roof top Jacuzzi, etc. are offered in some condo developments.

Enjoying what condo life could offer.

If you’re not into swimming, you may enjoy getting fit and healthy in the condo’s fitness center with a minimum fee for residents. It’s not only that you can be sure of keeping your own pace at your own home, but it’s a reminder, too, to take care of one’s self even at the comfort of one’s home. Having a gym as a neighbor makes it easier for you to actually sweat it out. Just imagine an elevator-away travel to the gym—really no travel time. Condos now are even investing on open spaces, especially at the roof tops. Jogging paths, walkways, and bike lanes are a good innovation to the growing number of health-conscious residents.

Friends that are neighbors.

If you’re wanting a complete neighborhood, there’s actually a community in a condominium, which is even more ideal if you prefer a more quite neighborhood. It’s organized and people respect everyone’s space. Condo residents are mostly on-the-go but you could sense, just like in any neighborhood, the pleasantness and kind vibe. Condo management makes sure that there are events for everyone to get to know each other—like acquaintances, holidays and Halloween parties. There are also rules for everyone’s benefit.

Living like a king/queen.

I know, for sure, that there was a time when you dreamed to live like a king or queen in a fairy castle. But the reality is, you can’t even clean your own room. How can you manage then an entire castle? If you are a professional or a business owner, you won’t have the independence and energy to manage a big home. A condo’s space is just so-perfect. It’s practical, easy to manage, and more budget-friendly. This is another financial plus because owning a condo will teach you to buy only the things that are necessary. Minimalism at its finest!

Of courses, people would like to have a good value for their money. So, condo is the way to go. Condo units are easy to purchase and they double their value in no time. It is an investment disguised as a home. If you also want to take full financial advantage of your condo investment, you can also choose to rent it out.

The writer in the hallway of her condo unit in Baguio City, Philippines.

Chic and practical.

Talking about style and function, condo is a true winner. Condos are perfectly designed to be both stylish and reasonable. Its small spaces are not tiny rooms and corners but compact love and warmth. Surely, the spaces have purpose. They are a perfect example of how to make good use of every space in there—to cuddle openly, to walk naked, etc. When a condo is well-designed, you would not even think that you are walking in a 20, or 30, or 50 square meter home.

If you have a squeezed space, it’s even easier to design it without breaking your wallet since you’ll only be working on a narrow area. But that does not mean you have to limit your style, as well. There are many budget-friendly methods to get the most out of your dream home or you can try eco-friendly ones.

It is perfect to raise a family in a condominium. It is noiseless, protected, and convenient. There are parks and playgrounds where kids can play with each other in a controlled environment. Developers and condo management also make it a point to have activities for children every now and then like Easter egg hunt or Trick or Treat. Weekends are made more fun with world-class amenities like a swimming pool.

Perks and privileges.

Living in a condo has a lot of perks and benefits. In general, it makes life easier. Aside from being a great investment, condos make everyday simpler and more convenient. Condos are proof that we deserve better.

I bet you’re already excited to live independently. It gives you perfect excuse for self-discovery and soul- searching. Live in a condo, and use this to inspire you to re-create things or innovate big like transforming a small space into reading nook or whatnot. The possibilities in a condo are limitless!

At the lobby in her condo.

Ultimately, living independently is about knowing who you are and being happy with yourself. Go find your place in a condo and good luck! Share with us your experiences soon!

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