Cleaning hacks that will surely make your cleaning easier (Part 1)

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It is nice to live in a well-kept home but keeping it clean and neat might not be a nice idea for you! Cleaning takes time and it will surely make you exhausted especially if the area you will clean is a large one and you’ve got a lot of stuffs to clean.  So, in this post, we are sharing with you amazing cleaning hacks you wish you knew sooner! Let’s check them out below.

1.  Get rid of upholstery stains with shaving cream. The sofa is where we always would want to stay after arriving home tired.  We just dive into it with our shoes on and sometimes we also eat there.  This would lead to the upholstery getting stained.  To clean it, sometimes we need a professional who will do it for us but mind you, you don’t need to get one.  If you have a shaving cream, you can use it to clean your upholstery! Rub a small amount of shaving cream into the stain and leave it for 30 minutes or much better, overnight. Wipe it off gently with sponge to remove the stain.

2.  Citrus will wash your bathtub stains away.  Well, we know that oranges, grapefruits, lemons, pomelos and other citrus fruits are delicious and are packed with minerals and vitamins and we just love to eat them.  But do you know that they can also be used to clean your sinks, toilet bowls, and bathtub floors? Yes they can! Just cut them into two and cover them in salt. The salt reacts with the citric acid content of the fruit and creates an abrasive texture making them a great cleaning agent. Then rub them against the surface of the thing you will be cleaning.
3.  Get rid of wet mops.  While cleaning the floor with wet mops is an easy hack for a dusty floor, it is also similar with washing the floor with dirty water! How? The wet mop is soaked in a pail of dirty water and this allows bacteria to accumulate and grow in the wet mop, which, you are actually transferring into your floor where you step on with bare feet, or your babies’ feet! Aaawweee!  So, if you still want to clean your floor with mops, just be sure to sanitize the mop before using it and change the water every after soaking. This will reduce the chances of bacteria spreading in your home.
4. Disinfect your sponges in the microwave.  The sponge keeps a million of bacteria! Because it is always wet and you are not disinfecting it, every time you clean your utensils, dishes, sinks, and plates, you are spreading the bacteria throughout your home.  The cleaning tool that we think would keep our things safe is actually a source of bacteria.  But there is a solution to this.  The Journal of Environmental Health suggests to disinfect our sponges by putting them in the microwave for 90 seconds on full power.  This process reduces the bacterial contamination by  up to 99% and reduces your chances of getting sick, as well.
6. Clean your mattress with baking soda. The mattress is often one of the most dirt stricken stuffs in our home.  It is because we often lie down, sit, and put our feet on it, whether they are clean or not.  Dirt, stain, and uhmmm, bacteria accumulate overtime and this causes allergy or some itchiness and sneezing.  Fortunately, you can clean your mattress with baking soda, as well.  Just sprinkle an ample amount of baking soda onto your mattress and let it stay for few hours before you vacuum it off.  Baking soda absorbs any odors and kills some bacteria as well.
8.  Keep your wooden chop boards with lemon, too!  Lemons are great disinfectants and cleaning agents, too! Just squeeze some lemons onto your chop boards, utensils, and let it stay for 30 minutes.  Stains, bad odor, and some bacteria will be washed away when you wash them with water after soaking them in lemons.  To remove stains, mix some salt with lemon and sprinkle it with the wooden chop board with stain and it will reduce the stain coloring.
9.  Clean your glass windows and doors with wet newspaper.  Soak some newspapers onto a pail of water and get them wet just enough.  Squeeze them to remove extra water.  Rub your glass windows and doors with the wet newspapers while you sprinkle a little of detergent soap or any cleaning agent.  This will leave your windows and doors shiny without leaving fibers that cleaning cloth would do.

10.  Clean the blinds and corners with vacuum.   Wiping off the accumulated dust in your blinds or in window corners, upholstery, and the ceiling is a very difficult and time-consuming job to do! You can actually vacuum off the dust and finish the job in no time! Just make sure to be cautious not to break anything.

I hope I have shared with you some cleaning hacks that you can try in your home.  I will be posting the second part of this article soon. Stay connected with us. See you again soon!

Source: Best Life

Photo Credits: Newman Clean, Get Organized Wizard

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