Benefits of building a double-storey house

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If you have purchased a small lot and would like to build a house on it, go for a multi-level house like a two-storey or a three-storey house.  This is the so-called “double the house for half the land” concept. It simply means maximizing your land by building multi-level building on it.

There are just few disadvantages of having a multi-level house but these can be managed.  Few disadvantages would be difficulty of accessing the upper floors especially for children or elderly as this poses a threat of stumbling down the stairs.  However, these concerns are easily addressed and are not really a big problem.

I have talked to many homeowners who have double-storey or even three-storey houses and they said they are enjoying the benefits of having a two-storey dwelling  as well as they said they never had any regrets building them.

So if you’re ready to buy or build a two-storey house, here are some tips and benefits that might help make your final decision. Read on.

Double the House For Half the Land

Imagine doubling or tripling the amount of living space in your home without necessarily buying an additional space to make your land footprint larger. Your two-storey house can have the equivalent of two single-storeys or if you have maximized your lot and have built more floors like five floors, then basically that would mean having five single-storeys in the same footprint. That’s just the benefit of building a multi-level house.

If you have a larger footprint, you can have a bigger space to accommodate all your bedrooms, larger living rooms, verandas and balconies, more comfort rooms, and a bigger storage as well.  However, if your lot is limited, it still works well as you will expand vertically and would put all the other living spaces in he upper floors.

Having more floors means having more space for your convenience and for your visitors as well.  You may also want to consider renting out the extra floors to some tenants and this will give you extra income.  Or you mya want to convert the ground floor to a cafe or a mini-bar or mini-store.  There are endless possibilities for you.

Separate Private and Public Spaces

Having a double-storey house means that you can have more areas for your living spaces and you can even have the convenience of separating the bedrooms from the living room, kitchen and dining.

You may place all your bedrooms on the upper floor and have the living room, kitchen, and dining in the first floor. This way, you can still enjoy your privacy in case a family member has guests and they wish to have a party in the living room and will use the dining and kitchen for their cooking.

If you need further expansions, you can always expand upstairs and have more rooms to accommodate your visitors.


You can design your house in the most aesthetic way.  You can have a captivating balcony or terrace on the second floor or can even transform the rooftop into a wonderful roof deck where you can have simple gatherings, a pool, or a garden.

A two-storey house has a very functional layout that can accommodate all the design that you want.  The available space upstairs allows you to explore your creativity by designing a fancy facade or installing functional accessories in the terrace or balcony. Your two-storey house has an elevation that makes it stand out over the neighboring bungalows or single-storey houses.  Relaxing in your roof deck or balcony gives you that fulfilling feeling, which you need for detoxifying and maintaining good vibes.

A two-storey offers better views because of its height.  You can have a full view of the ambiance and enjoy relaxing privately.

Good Investment

A two-storey house especially if it is built in the city or in first class municipalities, close to the commercial areas, is a very good investment.  Your house has the tendency to sell faster than a single-storey house especially if it has an open layout that allows for flexibility of remodeling and expansion.

It is preferred by big families because of the availability of more rooms and more living spaces to accommodate their family gatherings. If it has a beautiful landscape and garden, it will increase its chances of getting sold to the price that you desire.

These are just few of the many benefits that you get from building a two-storey house.  You, too can have your personal reasons why you would choose a double-storey.  There can be a lot of personal advantages.  What I shared with you are just my personal views and from the opinions of other people who have double-storey houses that I have talked to.

There are also disadvantages, of course, like building a two-storey costs more than building a single-storey and it takes time to build it.  These concerns are pre-conceived and they should be addressed properly if in case you would choose to build a double-storey house.

Still, the last decision is yours.  If you choose to build a single-storey because you think that is what you need and can afford, that is a wise decision as well.  If you will choose to build a double-storey because you think your family needs a bigger space to stay, then it is still up to you.  We are just here assisting you come up with better choices. Just build the house that you are comfortable to live into.

So, I hope I have shared with you some ideas if you choose to  build a double-storey house.  If you want to see more house designs you can check our other websites listed below.  Just click on the hyperlinks and you will be redirected to them.  You may message us if you need further assistance.  Looking forward to hear from you very soon! If you like this article, please share it with your friends. Come back soon to check our other articles.  Thank you so much!

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